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Are you Using the “WE BUY HOUSES” Message to Market to Preforeclosures?

            If you are marketing to Preforeclosures, and you’re using the old, tired “WE BUY HOUSES” and “CASH FOR YOUR EQUITY” type of marketing messages, you’re not being very effective.  In fact, through repeated testing with our marketing, we actually found that “WE BUY HOUSES” as a marketing message hurts your response rate when marketing to PreForeclosures.

              At we like to tell homeowners about all of their options to stop foreclosure, which includes both keeping and selling their home.  If you’re only interested in buying homes from PreForeclosure prospects, then you’re doing a disservice to both the homeowner, and your investing career.

              By telling homeowners about all of their options, and showing them how they can save their home, your response rates will increase dramatically.  Our research indicates that 8 in 10 homeowners facing foreclosure want to try to keep their homes.  You have to have a solution that enables you to try to help homeowners keep their homes.

              The investors who, when contacted by a homeowner facing foreclosure, inform the prospect that they can only “buy their house” are missing the boat.  If the conversation ends there, and you’ve invested marketing dollars to have that homeowner call you, but you don’t have a solution for them, you’re not making the most efficient use of your marketing dollars.

              If your marketing refers to options that enable the homeowner to keep the home, or sell it, your response rates will increase because you’re offering a multitude of solutions to their problem.  Think about your current competition if you’re marketing to Preforeclosures:  investors offering “Cash for your equity,” realtors begging for a listing, mortgage brokers with promises of a refinance and bankruptcy attorneys guaranteeing saving the home with a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7.

             By telling the homeowner about all of their options, all of a sudden you’re not an aggressive investor, mortgage broker, realtor or bankruptcy attorney pushing a personal agenda.  You’re a concerned businessperson who can custom tailor a plan to their unique situation.  By showing homeowners a way to either keep OR sell their home, it gives you instant credibility compared to the other investors who were out there trying to buy their property at a steep discount.

              The result is a marketing plan that yields more phone calls from homeowners looking for you to provide solutions to their problem - not just an “I’ll buy your house” solution.

              In today’s PreForeclosure environment, you’ve got to have solutions available to help the homeowner evaluate both keeping and selling their home.  If your only solution is to buy their home, you’re doing them, along with your business, a disservice.  Marketing “WE BUY HOUSES” to PreForeclosure prospects is a method that won’t yield the best results for the homeowner, or your investing business.