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Help Foreclosure Victims Keep Their Home and Buy More Houses

          Are you helping homeowners facing foreclosure keep their home?  If you aren’t, you are failing as an investor and could be walking away from a personally rewarding experience and long-term financial growth.

              How often do you contact preforeclosures and hear homeowners say, “I want to keep my home?”  Most of the homeowners you meet have invested most of their hard earned money into purchasing and maintaining their home.  Homeownership is the “American Dream.”  As an investor, shouldn’t you also be helping homeowners maintain that dream? 

              Based on years of research, has found that 8 out of 10 homeowners facing foreclosure just want to keep their home.  So how can you help them?  There are many ways you can help individuals save their home and their credit.

             First, you can speak to homeowners about the possibility of refinancing.  Remember that they need ample time before the foreclosure date, and enough equity in their property to refinance.  Credit scores are a large part of getting qualified for a loan, the more payments the homeowner has missed, the more difficult it will be for them to qualify for a loan.  The homeowner will also have to come out of pocket to pay for an appraisal and a credit report, at a minimum, with no guarantee of the loan getting closed.

              If refinancing isn’t an option you could offer loss mitigation services.  This is where you can negotiate with their existing lender to restructure their loan.  During this process you will help the homeowner understand their expenses against their income.  You will be able to tell the homeowner whether they can realistically afford to keep their home.  Once you determine that the homeowner can afford to keep their home you, or a reputable outsourced company, can work to negotiate with their lender on their behalf. 

              Finally, and as a last resort, you could help the homeowner find a bankruptcy attorney who could determine whether filing bankruptcy would allow the homeowner to stay in their home.  You should remind the homeowner that a bankruptcy will be on their permanent financial record, and that you’re not an attorney and therefore can’t give any legal advice. 

              After you have walked thru these options with homeowners you can determine which course of action could be most effective for keeping their homes.  Oftentimes homeowners have reasons to want to get out of their home quickly and avoid a foreclosure with the least amount of work and risk.  For these people selling to an investor may be their best option.  But by now you have also provided the homeowner with real options for staying in their home.  

              The last thing you want to be sure to offer the homeowner is advice on improving their credit and assistance in obtaining credit repair services.  The number one thing you can do to help homeowners is to help them stop a foreclosure followed by assisting them in getting back on track financially.  Poor credit can and will continue to haunt the preforeclosure homeowner until they do something proactively to correct the problem.  As an investor you must provide this help in some way or another.

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