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Savvy Real Estate Investors Use Bandit Signs To their Advantage

For the savvy real estate investor marketing is the key component for success. For the beginning real estate investor learning some basic, but effective, marketing techniques is essential.

Real estate investors are in the business of buying and selling homes. Their goal is to buy, remodel if necessary, and sell the home as quickly as possible. Time is money in any business but never more so in the real estate business. Few investors use their own money to purchase property. They rely instead on financing, usually with different terms than those used by typically home buyers. Investors have a specific time span in which to flip a property. If they fail to sell within the desired time frame they start losing money with every day that passes. Real estate investors have to market in order to purchase and sell homes. Those who are good at marketing have a lot less work to do when it comes time to sell.

One inexpensive, yet highly effective method, if done properly, for marketing is the use of "bandit signs". These are the ones you see at every major intersection spouting all manner of messages...“We Buy Houses”, “We Pay Cash for Houses”, “Sell Your Home In 30 Days or Less”, “Avoid Home Foreclosure”, etc. A word of caution about the use of bandit signs in your area is to check with the local government to see if they first legal to use and secondly what restrictions are in place for their use. For real estate investors looking to market outside their own areas consider contacting the local REIA (Real Estate Investor Association) to get information on the use of bandit signs in that area.

Once you have determined that local laws permit the use of bandit signs it's time to decide where you want them placed. Think exposure. Put the signs near all intersections leading into and around the area where the property is located. Don't be bashful either. Put up dozens of signs. Put them on every entrance street leading into the neighborhood and at every intersecting block as well. The main goal is to attract a potential prospect's attention.

Now begs the question of how should the bandit sign should be constructed. Size is important. Smaller signs can get lost in the background. One rule of thumb I learned from a sign shop owner was "Fifty feet away at fifty miles per hour". He meant a sign should be big enough and easy enough to read by someone driving by fifty feet away at fifty miles per hour. If you think it sounds silly give it a try. It really works.

The bandit sign has to be memorable. Look around at other bandit signs in your area and I'd wager almost all of them send just about the same message. Those signs showing no imagination tend to sit unnoticed thereby generating no interest for the real estate investor who put it their.

If you find yourself stuck on how to design your sign then consider driving around and seeing which competitor signs catch your eye. Take a good look at those that do and determine what about these attracted your attention. Was the message clear and compelling? Were the colors used what drew you in? Was it the size of the sign? Determine what it is that drew your attention and mimic it. Also at a cost of $2.00 - $5.00 per sign you can experiment with your bandit signs until you hit on one that works.

If you find local laws do not permit bandit signs on public property you still have options. Ask friends and family to allow you to place signs in their yards. Offer to pay someone to allow you to place a sign in their yard if it get's you better exposure.

How do you get your signs placed? You can do them yourself if you are on a limited budget and live in or near the area. If you have the extra money to spend hire one of the guys who put signs for realtors.

Marketing with bandit signs is one of the more affordable options for successful and creative real estate investing to pre-foreclosures.. Inexpensive but powerfully effective when designed and used properly the bandit sign is easily one of the real estate investors best marketing tools