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Affiliate Worksheet

This information will be utilized to create your county(s) web pages as well as for search engine optimization in your local marketplace.  Please fill out as much information as possible. (* = Mandatory).  The more information you provide the better able we are to optimize your page and provide homeowners with a better understanding of who they are working with.

* Name:

* State:
* County(s):
* Primary Phone:
* Secondary/Toll Free/Cell Phone:
* Address:
Your Website URL:
Your Blog URL:
(NOTE:  It improves your credibility if you have a testimonial from a homeowner that you have helped in the past.  If you do not have a homeowner testimonial, please try to get a testimonial from someone in the real estate industry, i.e., realtor, mortgage broker, appraiser, title company, etc.).
Testimonial # 1
Testimonial # 2
Testimonial # 3
* Your Bio:

* Top 3-10 Cities in your county (s):

(Please indicate the top 10 cities that a homeowner in your area would type into a search engine browser if looking for your help----please indicate for EACH county-if you are confused please call Dreama at 604-714-0490.  Note:  if your county does not have 10 cities please list as many as possible.)

* Tell us about the foreclosure situation in your county. ( For example is it severe, moderate, of little impact)
* What is the root cause for the foreclosure problem in your county?   (i.e. falling property values, increased unemployment, flat/falling housing prices, ARM mortgages adjusting, job loss, etc). 
* Typical residence in foreclosure?  (working class, expensive, affluent neighborhoods, all areas, etc) 
* Trends - Are foreclosures filings going up or down?
* If numbers are up,or down,  then over what period of time? -when did it start to become a problem.  Has it peaked, or is the worst yet to come? 
* Percentages - What are the increase / decrease percentages over the last 12 months.
* Is the local / state government doing anything to help alleviate the problem?   Example: In Ohio they set up toll free relief lines. Some states have set up relief funds. Others are cracking down on predatory lending. 
* What do you, the affiliate, offer to the prospective client in the way of assistance?
* Are there a lot of overleveraged homeowners in your county with either zero, or worse yet, NO equity in their property?
* What option are the majority of homeowners in your area choosing to stop foreclosure: refi, sell, loss mitt, list with agent, BK, etc.
* Provide a general snapshot of the RE environment in your county: flat, falling, small increase, overbuilt with new construction, etc...