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How Do I Find Homeowners Facing Foreclosure?

The Best Way to Find PreForeclosure Properties

How to Create a Marketing Plan for Buying PreForeclosures

Discover How to Market to Preforeclosures Online

Are you Using the “WE BUY HOUSES” Message to Market to Preforeclosures?

Help Foreclosure Victims Keep Their Home and Buy More Houses

Do You Use Loss Mitigation to Help Homeowners Stop Foreclosure?

PreForeclosure Marketing: Using Loss Mitigation Services to Earn Additional Income

How Loss Mitigation Can Help You Buy More Houses

PreForeclosure Marketing: What to Do When the Homeowner Wants to Refinance

PreForeclosure Marketing: How Mortgage Refinances Can Generate Leads & Income

Buying PreForeclosures "Subject To" Without Using Your Own Money

Using the USPS Direct Mailing System to Market to PreForeclosures

Face Less Competition When You Market to Preforeclosures

Bringing Together The Right Real Estate Investing Team Is Crucial For Success

Picking The Right Remodeling Contractor

Finding The Right Mortgage Broker For Your Real Estate Investing Needs

Choosing The Right Title Escrow Company

Successful Real Estate Investing Involves Choosing The Right Realtor

A Good Newspaper Ad Is A Powerful Tool For Attracting Motivated Sellers

No Successful Real Estate Investing Team Is Complete Without A Competent Attorney

Savvy Real Estate Investors Make The Most Of A Direct Mail Campaign

Savvy Real Estate Investors Use Bandit Signs To their Advantage

You're Dead In The Water Trying To Invest In Real Estate Without A Website

When is a Short Sale the Best Option

Why Would the Bank Take Less Than What is Owed

Do You Know How to Buy a Home Without Borrowing a Dime

Do You Have the Right Paperwork


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