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E-Mail: Reveals the Best Way to Find PreForeclosure Properties

Blaine, WA, April 12, 2007 — Today revealed the best way to find preforeclosure properties.  As a preforeclosure investor, knowing as soon as new foreclosures are filed at the county courthouse is very advantageous.  This timely and accurate information gives the preforeclosure investor the inside track to marketing to preforeclosures.  However, the problem many investors face is how to find this data. 

When the bank decides to foreclosure on a homeowner’s property, they file what is often called a Notice of Default (N.O.D.) or Notice of Trustee’s (N.O.T.) Sale.  This is done at the local county courthouse where the property is located.  The bank sends this notice and it is posted as public record.  The problem for some investors is how to find the foreclosure listings in at timely manner.

There are many different methods to gathering information on foreclosure filings.  The most obvious way is to go to the local county courthouse and mine the data.  While this method is free, it is very time consuming, and if the preforeclosure investor does not have any experience, it can be a frustrating and time wasting task.

Another method of obtaining this is information is thru a title company.  A lot of title companies compile and send out lists of foreclosures for free.  While this is a great “free” resource, the data coming from title companies is not always the freshest, newest data.  Sometimes the data from title companies is several weeks old and means that other investors have likely already contacted the homeowner or even worse, the home has already foreclosed.

Fortunately, many county courthouses now put their data online.  By visiting the county website one can find out if the county posts foreclosure notices online.  If the county does, the investor will be able to read the new foreclosure filings as they are filed.

However, some counties do not yet post their information online.  If an investor works in a county that does not put their data online, he or she can contact a foreclosure list provider for this data.  Many list providers gather new foreclosure filings from the county courthouse, put them into a list format, and sell that data to foreclosure investors.  Most list companies either email or fax the data to investors on a daily or weekly basis. 

Dreama Lee, President,, LLC and owner of concluded, “We recommend utilizing foreclosure list providers because it is a much better use of investors’ time and energy to outsource this function to a company that specializes in mining this data.  Finding good reliable data is the first step if you want to market to homeowners in foreclosure, and it’s very often worth it to pay someone (or a company) to mine this data for your investing needs.” provides a free state-by-state resource of foreclosure list providers that can be found by visiting

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Penny Fletcher
Ph: 360-306-5933
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