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Marketing to Preforeclosures: 
How To Find Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

Blaine, WA, March 9, 2007Today announced preforeclosure marketing strategies to help real estate investors find homeowners facing foreclosure.  Justin Lee, CEO of, LLC and owner of said, “If you are ready to become a real estate investor who primarily focuses on preforeclosures, you must first figure out how you are going to contact these homeowners.  If you can’t speak with a homeowner facing foreclosure, then you’re not going to be a very successful preforeclosure investor.”

Finding homeowners facing foreclosure isn’t always easy.  A pending foreclosure, for most people, is a very personal, and often embarrassing situation.  Most people do not advertise the fact that they are having problems making their mortgage payments, which makes it difficult to contact them.

Nevertheless, there are many methods for preforeclosure investors to finding these homeowners.  One way is through searching the public record of your local county courthouse.  When the bank decides to foreclose on a homeowner’s property, they file what is often called a Notice of Default or Notice of Trustee’s Sale.  This is done at the local county courthouse of the county that the respective property is located in.  The bank sends this notice and it is posted as public record.  That means that anyone who can find the county courthouse records can see this public information.

If you are going to be a preforeclosure investor knowing what new foreclosures are being filed at the county courthouse is very advantageous.  It gives you the inside track as to which new foreclosure filings are being recorded in your respective county.

Preforeclosure investors could also network so that others know they are in the foreclosure prevention business.  Classic examples of people to network with would be people who would hear about someone being behind on mortgage payments, including:  realtors, loan officers, bankers, attorneys, even the local mailman, just to name a few.

While there are many ways to find homeowners facing foreclosure, if you’re serious about becoming a PreForeclosure investor, you have to get your name out there so people can contact you about help with their home.  You can do this by contacting homeowners directly, or marketing your company so that the homeowner can contact you directly.  When a homeowner calls looking for help, you know that they’re really serious about stopping their foreclosure.  How would a homeowner find you if they wanted to stop foreclosure?  If you advertised, they could find your name and number.  This could include print or online advertising.

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Penny Fletcher
Ph: 360-306-5933
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