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By becoming a affiliate, you'll be able to:
*  Learn how to market to preforeclosures using a copyrighted system;
*  Be confident that you're providing the most ethical solution to help the homeowner stop a potential foreclosure in a way that works best for him or her;
*  Earn money whether you help the homeowner keep or sell their home;
*  Benefit from a national brand, already built and marketed website, and marketing templates (letters, postcards, free reports, print ads) that will work in your local market; and
*  Get exclusive marketing rights and access to all web leads for the counties you select.

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“We just wanted to let you know how truly happy we are since we became a local representative in Snohomish County, WA. Within the first 4 weeks of using your system, we purchased a property that netted us a profit of $45,000! “We have been so flooded with calls from following your marketing system that we now literally get to pick and choose what deals we work. In fact, we’ve become so busy that we’ve hired a full time person to help us with all of the activity. We currently have 3 more short sales in our pipeline that we’ve chosen to outsource to the short sale negotiation service, which is just one of the many benefits of being a local representative for This means that we can spend more time doing deals and looking at properties, and less time on the phone with lenders and pushing paper. Your system is awesome, and every time we do a deal, even though we’re using your resources, we keep 100% of the profits. Thanks for everything!”
Anop Knutsen
(Snohomish, WA)

“Your lead service has been amazing! Within a few weeks of signing up, we got our first lead, closed on the property, and made a quick $12,000. Thanks so much for delivering to us our most economical marketing source in our Preforeclosure business. You guys are the best!”
Ted von Dedenroth
(Longmont, CO)

"The first lead I ever got from this service resulted in a deal that we picked up for NO money down and had OVER $60,000 in equity! The seller just deeded the property over to us, and it was in immaculate condition. If you haven't signed up yet and aren't getting these leads you're missing out on a great marketing tool for your investing business. I wholeheartedly endorse this service, it's been phenomenal."
Will Lansing, Real Estate Investor, HML, & Mentor,
Profitable Partnerships (Washington, DC)

"The very first lead that ever sent over to us what a shortsale deal. We contacted the very motivated homeowner, got the debt negotiated, stopped the foreclosure and flipped the property for an easy $3,319.62 profit. If you're not already working with you need to start right now!"
Martin Goldberg, owner
Washington Property Solutions (Bellevue, WA)

"Wow! My first lead was fantastic! It came within just days of signing up. We put the home under contract, and are working a short sale where we expect to net a MINIMUM of $20,000 profit. Anyone who doesn't sign up for this service just isn't serious about his Preforeclosure business. THANKS!"
(Seattle, WA)

"I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know how happy we are with your service. In the first few weeks, we closed one deal for a quick $2500 profit. While this was only a small deal, we expect plenty of bigger ones in the future. Thanks so much for all of your help, your marketing materials are awesome, and we truly have a leg up on our competition.”
Mike Hanyes
A&M Property Solutions LLC
(Prince George’s County, MD)

"The tips and techniques taught by Justin Lee at have taken my Pre-Foreclosure business to a higher and more effective level.  I now make money even when I DON'T buy a house..."

Zee Sanders

Real Estate Investor and Appraiser

(Charlotte, NC)

"If you want to stand out from your competition, buy more Preforeclosures, help homeowners keep their homes, and earn tons of money by doing so, you simply must get the inside information provided by Justin Lee at  Using just a few of the ideas taught by Justin have taken my investing business and income to a whole new level."

Tom Zeeb, Real Estate Investor & Mentor

Profitable Partnerships

(Washington, DC)


"In the short time that I've been working with Justin Lee at, he has been generating a ton of PreForeclosure leads for our business.  In fact, one of the leads that we received in the first 3 days of our relationship turned into a deal for us.  I am so glad that I began a business relationship with  They are going to make a huge impact on our business in 2007 and beyond."

Paul Daniel, Real Estate Investor, Short Sale and Loss

Mitigation Professional

(Charlotte, NC)

"Since I started working with Justin Lee at he has kept me inundated with high quality PreForeclosure leads.  If you're a serious PreForeclosure investor, you need to start working with Justin TODAY so you can start earning more money TOMORROW…"

Charles Stigger

Real Estate Investors and Short Sale and Loss Mitigation Professional

(Atlanta, GA)


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