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Face Less Competition When You Market to Preforeclosures

              Are you having trouble competing with all the other preforeclosure investors out there?  So did we until we figured out that to be successful you have to continually market to preforeclosure prospects.  We now have a steady stream of deals in our pipeline and a phone that rings constantly.  It’s a formula that has enabled us to be successful for the past several years, and allows us to work with the clients who are interested in our help and services.

              One of the basic foundations of our marketing is direct mail.  So how do you separate your mail from the competition?  It’s actually quite difficult: one of our favorite methods is deliver an ethical, intelligent marketing message like the one found at


              However, sometimes you need to outmaneuver the competition, and avoid them completely.  One of the best ways to do that in PreForeclosure marketing is to get to the homeowner before all of the other investors, mortgage brokers, bankruptcy attorneys and realtors do.  We know that they all mail to the homeowner once the Notice of Default is filed.  So how can you get to the homeowner before the foreclosure becomes public record?

              You can actually purchase lists from the credit bureaus of homeowners who are either 30, 60, 90 or even 120 days past due on their mortgage.  That’s right, these are PRE Notice Of Default lists that have little to no competition.


              There are key compliance issues with mailing to these lists that you must follow.  For example, when you mail to these people you must make a “firm offer of credit.”  Furthermore, you must follow strict guidelines about the disclosures that you must put on your mailing pieces.  You must stay in full compliance on these lists, which are monitored by the FTC. 

              Usually the list companies that provide these leads require a minimum order of 5,000 names.  Fortunately for us, the buying power of and its affiliates makes it easy for us to purchase more than 5,000 records each and every month.

              If you’re interested in learning more about purchasing PreForeclosure leads with little to no competition, and how to stay in compliance and bypass the usual minimum requirement of 5,000 names, please contact us for more information at or register for our free PreForeclosure marketing tips at