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Motivated Seller Leads for Free Announces VIP Program For Foreclosure Leads

Blaine, WA, March 26, 2008 — Today unveiled its new VIP program. delivers motivated seller leads to real estate investor’s e-mail inboxes for free.  The new VIP program allows real estate investors to upgrade their membership to receive leads in real time versus the newly initiated 7 day delay for free subscribers.

“While we loved giving away leads for free, we have seen a huge increase in the number of investors downloading each lead. This led to the homeowner receiving an unusually high number of phone calls about their property. To protect the homeowner facing foreclosure from being inundated with phone calls we have instituted a VIP Club for these leads,” said Justin Lee, owner of .

VIP members will now get the lead notification delivered to them in real time. All free members will get the exact same lead, 7 days later, provided that the lead has not met’s threshold of number of reasonable downloads.

The VIP membership only costs $14.97 per month, however, as a special one-time promotion they are giving new subscribers the first 60 days for only $1/month.

Ted von Dedenroth of Longmont, CO said, "this lead service has been amazing! Within a few weeks of signing up, we got our first lead, closed on the property, and made a quick $12,000.”

These motivated seller leads are cultivated online through .  This website is geared toward homeowners who are facing or may face foreclosure.  The website provides multiple solutions and advice to helping the homeowner avoid foreclosure.  When a homeowner visits this site they can either choose to “Keep their Home” or “Sell their Home.”  Once the homeowner decides what option best suits his or her needs then tries to find investors specializing in buying foreclosures across the U.S. to help the homeowner. 

As foreclosures rise across the country has found they have more homeowners needing help than they have people to help them.  Through their online real estate marketing they have been able to corner the market in preforeclosure marketing.  Because of their success they have decided to open up their foreclosure leads for free to other real estate investors across the country that may be able to help these homeowners.

"The first lead I ever got from this service resulted in a deal that we picked up for NO money down and had OVER $60,000 in equity! The seller just deeded the property over to us, and it was in immaculate condition. If you haven't signed up yet and aren't getting these leads you're missing out on a great marketing tool for your investing business. I wholeheartedly endorse this service, it's been phenomenal," said Will Lansing, Real Estate Investor, HML, & Mentor, Profitable Partnerships, Washington, DC.

While most lead generating websites and businesses charge anywhere from $10 to $50 per lead, is giving away these leads now for as little as $2 for the first 60 days and $14.97 each month thereafter.

Investors who may be interested in this service can visit .

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